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Finally back to writing stuff…..

It has been a while since I last made a blog entry. I’m gone back to playing football, Jon Jones is proven to be quite human, Anderson Silva just got knocked out. They said that after December 21, 2012, the world would never be the same, but things can happen in a snap and it didn’t need a single date to dictate change.

We’ll I’m back after a number of months in where I stopped writing due to being down and all but hey, there’s something good to come out of every bad, right?

Finally I’m employed again and honestly, I’m really happy with my job. I’m working right now as a web-content writer for a company in Eastwood. My workmates are usually in the early to late 20’s age group, and it made me comfortable in a way since I’m with people who are of my age.

Then, I started playing football again –like I said earlier– with some old team mates of mine during my years as a high school varsity player. Eventually, we formed a team with other friends. Manila Inter-School Lads Football Club or MIL FC –See what we did there? ;)–  was born. We have gone on to compete and win in most of the tournaments and leagues that we we’re part of. I am really proud of what our club has achieved in such a short time and we’ll never stop because everyday is a new day to get better.

So after being employed and introducing our football club, I would like to talk about action figures. Over the past few months, I started reviewing action figures and now this blog will be the extension of my youtube account. Basically, I mostly review Marvel-licensed figures, but I’ve also bought and reviewed figures from other lines. Star Wars: Black and TMNT classics to be exact.

Lastly, my Juggernaut-themed display is shaping up nicely and now I’m trying to build a X-Men and Brother hood display. This year had some great figures if you’re trying to build those kinds of displays. Every wave had at least 1 X-Men related figure –except for the Iron Man 3 line– and we also had the Wolverine Legends line that gave us 4 X-Men related figures and an Alpha Flight character.

With that in mind, thank you for reading this and let’s go rampant.

About 8bitmonsterisback

I'm a 23-year old human being who's into football, action figures, mixed martial arts, comics and music. I support Arsenal FC, the Chicago Bulls, De La Salle University Green Archers. I play football for MIL FC and I can play as either a CB or as a ST.

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